Exposed Fasteners

We offer both exposed fastener and concealed fastener metal roofing systems for residential and commercial applications in many different profiles.  As the name implies, exposed fastener metal roofing systems use screw fasteners that are visible on the exterior of the roof surface after installation.  These exposed fastener metal roofing products are economical, have been around for many years and are extremely popular in a wide variety of applications.

In concealed fastener metal roofing systems such as our standing seam panels, the screws are completely concealed and protect the roof surface.  This metal roofing profile give standing seam panels very clean, aesthetically pleasing lines.

Which ever way is chosen many of these panels work as wall panels and some can be used for both vertical and horizontal applications.

Commonly used exposed fastener panels are the 7.2 and V-Beam panel which we have included information on.

Download Fabral V-Beam Information


Download Fabral V-Beam Color Chart


Download DMI 7.2 Panel Information


Download DMI Color Chart
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