Metal Cladding Systems

A range of insulated (composite) panels are available to our customers.  There is little difference in the actual core and facing material, the major differences lie in the joints between panels, the range of sizes and the range or architectural features such as corners and curved panels that are available.

Panels may also be laminated.

This process applies to the other core materials.  Adhesive is applied to the steel face and pre-formed slabs of insulation.  The panels are then clamped together either in a press or by passing them through a series of rollers.

There are three attachment methods:  Route & Return Dry Seal, Route and Return Wet Seal and Rain Screen.

We team-up with some of the best manufacturers in the industry, Alucobond, Alpolic, Citadel, Centria, Dri-Design, Firestone, Omega Panel Products and Kingspan are just a few.  They offer aluminum and metal composite materials in a wide range of standard colors.

In addition to the above we offer many other systems such as column covers, exposed or concealed fastener panel, soffits, uninsulated panels and single element wall systems.

We have tried to provide some brief information on some of the products provided so please contact us if we have not featured highlights of a profile you are looking for.

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